Blog Posting Rules: Blogging Guidelines 2022

Today we will discuss the proper rules for posting content on blogs. After knowing the rules of blog posting properly, write the post. Because the article is the best, it is not unknown to any of us. 

If your blog post is correct, you will get visitors to your blog and retain visitors. And if you want to earn money by blogging, there is no alternative to posting in the right way.

We make writing posts without knowing the rules of blog posting. It is the most wrong. That’s why we don’t get our targeted visitors. 

Today this post will tell you in detail about the rules of posting on your blog. These are if you can follow. Then you can increase the number of visitors to your blog. 

And because of this, the bounce rate of our website increases a lot, which results in a loss of ranking.

Hello, I’m Jisan Siam, a digital marketer. Today I will discuss “Blog Posting Rules” to save your valuable effort to secure your future.

Blog Posting Rules

Below are 4 points discussed above

  1. Title
  2. Feature image
  3. Permalink / Url Slug
  4. Description

✅ Title

The most important thing in a blog post is the title. The first and most important rule of writing a blog post is to write an excellent, eye catchy, and new title. Why is the title the most important thing in your position? 

Because by looking at the title, a visitor will decide whether to click on your post or not. Then you understand how much importance you have to give to the title. So let’s first find out if your title is unique.

You can check if your title is new by using Google Advanced Search. You must understand that your title is new if you see that Google cannot show you any results. That’s why you have to search in Google by writing allintitle: before your title. 

So first, check if your title is unique or not. Now let’s see how to make your blog post title beautiful and eye catchy. To have a good title, your title must be meaningful. Does your title give a complete idea of ​​what you will post about? If the answer is yes, then your title is good.

The title must be eye catchy. The title must be catchy. That is, the title should be written in such a way that he must read the post after seeing the title of your vignette. So to make a title catch the eye, you need to know what the people you’re writing for actually want. So research your visitors’ interests well.

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✅ Feature image

What matters after the title is the feature image. Properly optimize your blog post’s feature image before uploading it. Save your image in .jpg format. Adjust the size of the picture according to the size of the posting page. For example, the feature image size for our page is 1200 X 630 px.

Image quality should be good, and keep the file size within 100kB. If the image size is incorrect, it will look not good. Optimize with keywords before uploading images.

✅ Permalink / Url Slug

You should pay special attention to it. Because once a post is published, it cannot be edited. You can, but you will never do it. Because if you edit and change your position after it is indexed in Google, then the previous URL will remain in Google. Then when someone clicks, your site will show a 404 error page, which is very bad for your site.

Then you understand how important URL is. You can edit everything in your post as needed, but it cannot be edited. So check the post again and again before publishing it. Enter your keyword in the URL. If the keyword is too big, then give some parts.

✅ Description

The article description should show your creativity. Break the description into small paragraphs. The first paragraph will be the intro of your blog post. It would be best if you used your keyword once in the introduction.

The most important Google ranking factor is the proper use of keywords in articles. If you use too many keywords, there is potential damage. So use keywords very carefully. If you can use the keywords correctly in the whole article, your post will surely rank on the first result page of Google.

Use similar words or synonyms. At the end of the article, write the summary of your blog post very nicely. How many times to safely use keywords in a blog post? Use keywords max 3-4 times in a 1000-word post. Please don’t overdo it.

One of the most important rules of blog posting is the meta description, which will appear in the form of a short description right after the title of your post on the search results page. It must contain your keyword. Write it in the meta description section of the Yoast SEO plugin. The best practice is to use an introduction.

Now complete your post and save the post by clicking the Save draft button. Then check the whole post carefully to see whether you have arranged your blog post according to all the rules. If everything is OK, click the Publish button to publish the post.


I have covered everything an SEO-friendly post should have in this post. The most important rules of blog posting are discussed in detail here. You must follow these rules while posting on the blog.

Don’t forget to comment your opinion about my post. Thank you.

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