Connect Hosting And Domain: Complete Guide 2022

You may know how to purchase a branded domain. But do you learn how to connect hosting with a domain?

In the last blog, I mentioned how many types of hosting there are and what kind of hosting is required for each. Read this blog, and I hope you will understand a lot.

Assuming you have chosen a hosting for yourself. And purchased your domain hosting.

Suppose you don’t understand how to connect another domain to your hosting. But it is better to say that you must provide a primary domain when you purchase hosting. That will be shown.

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Before that, briefly understand what hosting is;

What is hosting?

In short: Hosting is the active memory that stores all your website’s data. Based on this, your website speed and all images, video, audio, text, and other files are saved.

Usually, we purchase it on demand from third-party service providers.

How to Purchase Hosting?

Assuming you buy from any Bangladeshi service providers. It can be Dianahost or any other domain-hosting service provider.

First, select any amount of hosting from the hosting section.

Enter the domain if you have previously purchased it. Or search for a new domain.

Connect the domain to hosting and add it to the cart.

Complete the payment.

Your hosting purchase is complete. Meanwhile, you will get hosting login credentials via email.

Login to your domain hosting’s cPanel with those login credentials.

What do you get after purchasing hosting?

Assuming you purchased hosting with a primary domain. Now it needs to connect to DNS (Domain Name Server). Also, your domain won’t work.

As soon as you purchase a hosting, you will receive three things via email;

The hosting IP address.

cPanel “Control Panel” access link and Username and Password.

Two or more nameservers

These will be used to connect your hosting to a domain.

Now you have a domain and hosting. And hosting has all the details. So let’s see how to connect hosting with a domain.

Connect hosting to a domain –

First, the process is almost the same, no matter which hosting service or domain provider interface you use. Then follow the steps shown by me.

Assuming you add another “Addon Domain” to a primary domain. Then the following steps are for you. I purchased the domain from Exonhost here.

✅ Step-1: First, click on the link to enter the cPanel of the hosting and enter the username and password.

Connect Hosting to Domain

✅ Step-2: Enter cPanel, and you will see a section called “Addon Domain” on the left side. Click here.

Connect Hosting to Domain

✅ Step-3: You can see how many “Addon Domains” your hosting supports. Now enter your specific domain URL.

And click on “Add Addon Domain.”

The first phase of domain association with hosting is over. Now you have to go to the hosting dashboard.

✅ Step-4: Now, from the domain-hosting provider you purchased the domain from, login here and click on the “My Domains” or “Domains” section. Here you will see all your purchased domains.

Now click on “Manage Domain” of the domain you have connected with the hosting.

Connect Hosting to Domain

✅ Step-5: Now you will see “By Default” Nameservers. To delete “Update Nameserver” or simply delete the Nameserver received an email when purchasing hosting and enter “Save” in two fields.

Connect Hosting to Domain

Domain connection with your hosting is usually made. Now you wait 48-72 hours for the DNS popup. In some cases, your domain goes live before this.

Hopefully, this way, you can add hosting to any domain without hiring anyone, saving you money.

The following two critical contents will be what Cloudflare is, how it is connected to domain hosting, and why. About these

And what is WordPress? How to create a website by installing WordPress on your domain. These will be discussed in detail.

My thoughts

I know. Now you know how to connect hosting with a domain. Now hope you don’t get into trouble with hosting a connection with any domain.

But if you face any problem then comment me.


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