FeedBear Lifetime Deal {$99} – The Easiest Way To Calm And Collect Customer Feedback

If you’re looking for a customer feedback system that doesn’t feel like an old-school suggestion box, you’ve come to the right place. User insights are crucial for helping your team know what to build, but most feedback solutions take forever to deploy and have a confusing learning curve.  

With this platform, you can ask for feature requests, keep users in the loop about work progress, and announce new releases on your white-label platform. Plus, this platform is easy to use and deploy, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

Meet: FeedBear Lifetime Deal

FeedBear is a user feedback management tool that enables users to submit ideas and feature requests, which can then be tracked using public roadmaps and changelogs.

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FeedBear Overview

Feedbear is a powerful feedback tool that lets you get feedback from your users to understand better what they like and don’t like. With Feedbear, you can connect multiple apps into a central dashboard, making it easy to bring together all your feedback from different sources.

You can improve your product, build customer trust, and create better relationships with this valuable feedback. Feedbear is a customer feedback management tool that allows customers to submit feedback and vote on their favorite ideas.

Feedbear also enables you to let customers who have submitted feedback know the status of it: whether you plan to work on it, whether you have started working on it or not, and whether you’ve completed it. This makes it easy to keep customers up-to-date on your progress and ensure that their feedback is heard.

Best for :

  • Developers
  • Product managers
  • SaaS

FeedBear Features

With FeedBear, you can smoothly collect customer feedback through surveys, polls, and other feedback mechanisms. You can then prioritize the feedback and keep your customers updated on your progress.

  • Integration
  • Idea Voting
  • Roadmap
  • Tags
  • Feedback Widget
  • Webhooks
  • Custom CSS

✅ Integration

With FeedBear Intercom Integration, you can get feedback from your customers directly from Intercom Messenger. This makes it easy to keep track of customer feedback and ensure that your roadmap is on its way.

✅ Idea Voting

With the Idea Voting feature, users can submit their ideas and suggestions for new features or improvements, and then other users can vote on the ones they like the best.

This way, the most popular ideas will rise to the top, and the team can easily see which ones are very popular with the users.

✅ Roadmap

Your FeedBear roadmap is the next step in user engagement, giving you access to new data and feedback to help you understand your users’ needs. Users can vote on roadmap items to have a say in what features can develop next, ensuring that your product meets their needs.

FeedBear Lifetime Deal

✅ Tags

With tags, users can categorize posts within boards however they see fit. Only admins can manage and see tags. Tags are attached to an individual panel, so users won’t be able to see tags from other boards.

There are no default tags, so users will need to input the tag they want to use. After that, they can reuse the same tag in another post.

✅ Feedback Widget

The FeedBear Widget allows you to collect feedback from your users without them having to leave your site. This lets you get suggestions and feedback from your users without interrupting their experience.

FeedBear Lifetime Deal

✅ Webhooks

FeedBear’s Slack integration uses Slack’s Incoming Webhooks functionality to post data about activity in your FeedBear project to any Slack channel.

✅ Custom CSS

The Custom CSS feature in FeedBear allows you to add your CSS code to customize the design of your project to match your requirements and branding guidelines. You can access the Custom CSS feature under the Project Settings.

FeedBear Pricing Plans

FeedBear has four pricing plans, and every Plan has a free trial.

FeedBear Lifetime Deal

  1. Startup
  2. Business
  3. Professional
  4. Corporate

Startup Plan $29/ Month

  • Unlimited users
  • 3 team members
  • Automatic email follow-ups
  • Unlimited boards
  • Roadmap
  • Changelog
  • Custom statuses
  • Custom domain
  • Custom branding
  • Custom CSS
  • Social login
  • Website widget

Business Plan $99/ Month

  • Everything in Startup
  • 10 team members
  • Single Sign On
  • Private projects

Professional Plan $199/ Month

  • Everything in Business
  • 20 team members
  • Jira integration (coming soon)
  • Priority support
  • Remove “Powered by FeedBear”

Corporate Plan asked to Contact FeedBear

  • Everything in Professional
  • 20+ team members
  • Custom Terms & Conditions
  • Custom DPA
  • Onboarding support
  • Priority Phone Support
  • Security audits

FeedBear Lifetime Deal AppSumo

  • Lifetime access to FeedBear
  • All future Business Plan updates
  • Unlimited announcements in your changelog
  • Private projects
  • Automatic email status updates
  • Integrations with Zapier, Intercom, and Slack
  • Automatic email follow-ups
  • Roadmap

FeedBear Lifetime Deal

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FeedBear Lifetime Deal


FeedBear is an excellent tool for creating a community for customers to contribute to product development, prioritize feedback, and understand customer needs and wants. With a simple changelog, customers can stay updated on product changes, new features, and bug fixes, ensuring that no new feature goes unnoticed.

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