Geeklab Lifetime Deal {$89} – Best Optimize App Listing And Boost Install With A/B Testing.

There’s no point in perfecting your app’s functionality and UI if nobody’s installing it. A/B testing can help you determine what keeps people from downloading your app.

By testing different aspects of your app listing, you can figure out the best ways to convert more store traffic into users.

Meet: Geeklab Lifetime deal

Geeklab’s A/B testing tool allows you to test different versions of your app store page to see which one performs better. It helps optimize your page to get more downloads or test other concepts to see which one is more famous with users.

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Geeklab Overview

Geeklab is a tool that makes it easy to improve your app listing and increase installs through A/B testing, surveys, and page analytics.

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This app allows you to create, run, and analyze your a/b tests to test different app versions quickly. You can use our built-in tools to conduct surveys on your audience and benchmark your competitors.

Geeklab allows you to test different app listing versions to see which results in more installs from the Google Play Store, iOS App Store,  and Huawei App Gallery. This can help you determine which listing is more effective and make changes accordingly.

Validate your app concepts with real audiences through test lookalike listings, and optimize your conversion rate.

Validate your app concepts with real audiences through test lookalike listings, and optimize your conversion rate.

Geeklab Best for :

  • Freelancers
  • Marketers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Game developers

Geeklab Features

  • AB Testing
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Market Research
  • Landing Pages/Web Forms

✅ AB Testing

Geeklab’s a/b testing tool lets you test different versions of your app store pages to see which one performs better. You can test live games or games that are still in development. Our software is easy to use and lets you create and analyze a/b tests on your own.

Geeklab Lifetime Deal

✅ Engagement Tracking

The scroll heat map and power score illustrate how engaged users were with the store page, with the power score indicating how much interaction there was in different parts of the page and the engagement score indicating how evenly users distributed their time across the page.

A 100 on the engagement score shows that engagement was spread across all sections. A lower score indicates that engagement was more uneven.

✅ Campaign Analytics

The campaign details page shows you all the data points you need to make informed decisions about your marketing campaign, whether you are in the concept validation test or conducting traditional ASO.

It would be best if you unlocked the campaign with credits to view all data points. Credits are generally part of a paid subscription and can be purchased separately.

Geeklab Lifetime Deal

✅ Activity Dashboard

The Activity dashboard is an excellent way to see who has viewed your document and when they viewed it. Geeklab is a great way to keep track of your document’s progress and ensure the right people are seeing it.

✅ Market Research

Geeklab is a market research software that comprehensively assesses your and your competitors’ market positions. We use advanced methods and have extensive experience in the industry to provide fast, accurate delivery of our findings.

✅ Landing Pages/Web Forms

Geeklab is an excellent tool for creating a professional-looking website without coding everything from scratch. Once your product is listed on Geeklab, you can automatically fetch all the meta information and quickly build multiple lookalike pages. You’ll be able to modify the layout, test concepts for market readiness, and create as many variations as you want.

Additional Features

  • Multivariate Testing
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Third-Party Integrations

Geeklab Pricing Plans

Geeklab is an online tool that lets you create unlimited variations of your product page. This is useful for running A/B tests and learning how to boost conversions.

Geeklab Lifetime Deal

Geeklab has two Pricing Plans.

  • Free Plan $0
  • Crew Member Plan $5250.
  • Market Research
  •  Data backed hypotheses
  •  Visual Design
  •  Campaign Setup
  •  Campaign Management

Geeklab AppSumo Lifetime Deal.

Geeklab’s survey tool is a powerful and flexible way to collect insights from your target users. You can use it to collect qualitative and quantitative data, making it a valuable tool for any research project.

Geeklab Lifetime Deal

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  • A/B testing for Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Huawei AppGallery, and Steam
  • Pre-concept testing before game or app launch
  • Growthlab for real-time competitor analysis

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Geeklab Lifetime Deal


Geeklab makes it easy to improve your app listing and increase installs with A/B testing, surveys, and page analytics. Their tools and advice are easy to use and follow, providing a great way to get more out of your listing.

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