How To Do Mobile App Marketing: Get Free Tips on ASO in 2022

In the digital era, almost everything is being marketed. Why will the technology world lag behind in that direction? Really! In this era, app marketing is a very familiar word to the tech public, especially marketers.

Marketing is now being done online and offline, although online marketing was not seen even some time ago. There are many fields in digital marketing, such as Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Google Marketing, Bing Marketing, Social Media Marketing, App Marketing, etc. But in the near future, these people will keep an eye on online marketing.

App Store Optimization is abbreviated as ASO, which is also known by other names like App Store Marketing and Mobile App SEO. The main objective of ASO is to move the mobile application ranking from 0 to popular. Where Move to mobile app stores (e.g., Apple’s iTunes, Google’s Google Play Store, or Windows Store)

Hello, I’m Jisan Siam, a digital marketer. I will discuss “How To Do Mobile App Marketing” to save your valuable effort to secure your future.

First, understand what app marketing is!

Every day, new app developers publish their developed apps on their site, Google play store app store, or many other places. Mobile apps are mainly printed on Google Play Store.

There are thousands of apps based on everyday things, just like apps made with new ideas. App marketing takes your app to a good position in this huge competition.

If you’re new to app store optimization and don’t know what it’s all about, know that it’s actually a lot more like your online business than you think.

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App store optimization is when the number of downloads of a game or application increases, organic traffic (users) is obtained, and search results are at the top of the search list. If you do ASO, you will not see the results immediately. It is a long process, much like SEO.

Like doing SEO for the website, good results can be obtained by doing ASO in the case of the app. But it depends on many things. ASO results depend on budget, industry, and country. Its benefits may be seen immediately or may be seen later.

It’s actually a few days difference. But no one can say precisely how many days the benefits will be available. One part of app marketing is ASO.

Why App Marketing?

There are some something to keep in mind for app marketing. Just as SEO needs to be done to take the site to the 1st page of Google, it is very important to do ASO properly for app marketing. But many of us, without understanding, try to promote our app by spamming or running ads with dollars.

How To Do Mobile App Marketing

The main objective of ASO (App Store Marketing) is to increase the app’s downloads and other benefits. But just as you don’t get good results by filling the card with dollars and boosting it on Facebook, we won’t get good feedback just by running ads.

Many people may be happy to see the temporary results but do not get the real news, because of which, after a few days, your Admob account is disabled, or at the end of the month, dollars are deducted from your Admob for invalid traffic.

How about app marketing?

There are many something you need to know about app marketing. If you are well familiar with these things, then your basics will be clear, and if you use the subjects practically, you will get good results; hopefully, there will be no problem. For app marketing, you can advertise on Google with Adwords.

Moreover, you can open a page for your app on Facebook and boost it. You can also sponsor different YouTubers to promote your app with them. However, this thing is still not that popular.

Some keyword research tools for app marketing include Sensor Tower, MobileDevHQ, App codes, and Search man SEO. Some of them are paid, and some exist free.

Advantages of App Marketing:

If you do ASO well, you can easily get a good amount of installs. An app developer also wants to increase the number of installs on his app. And nobody is wrong with it if it is available at a nominal cost. You will get the right users if you can do app marketing properly. It includes app users as well.

It can be free from fake installs, and active users are also available. And the more engaged users are found, the more the app will be used. And the more the app is used, the more popularity it will get, which will reduce the marketing costs. Moreover, the amount of income will also increase, providing passive income.

Some Tips for App Store Optimization:

App marketing starts before the app launch and continues after the app release. Here many aspects are targeted to bring good results. Here are some minor things to know before doing app marketing:

Providing best quality description:-

If your app doesn’t provide this well, then there is a 90% chance a user will skip it! Because users always read the description of the app before installing the app and then installing it on their phone.

If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to attract a user because they don’t have time to dig through and download your app because there are thousands of apps in the play store! So all the details should be focused on the user’s attraction when someone does app marketing!

Giving a good title is very important while doing app marketing. Apart from that, good quality images and videos increase that thing many times, and description also plays a good role. It is possible to get fine results if the description in the Google play store and subtitle for the app store is well given.

With 4000 words, you can write the features and benefits of your app in the description box while publishing the app on the play store. The first line will be the most effective. The user will fix many things after seeing that. This is one of the most important matters of app marketing.

✅ Keyword Research Properly:-

Keyword stuff works very effectively for app store ranking. So to fix the right keywords, a good time should be given to this thing so that good results can be obtained. If you can’t do it right, you’ll have a tough time succeeding, no matter how good your app is! As SEO is done for website rank, ASO is done for app marketing.

How To Do Mobile App Marketing

But you need to do proper keyword research in both cases. This is because users will never search for an app in one way. Each user will search individually with keywords of their choice. In this case, if your app is not properly keyword researched, then the app will have to take a big hit at this point, which will not be very pleasant.

✅ App’s Product Page:-

A lot depends on how you publish your app’s product page. Because to improve the conversion rate (download), you need to represent your product well. Not much to say about the logo or icon of the app. Because at first sight, many things are right! Similarly, if your app’s icon is a bit catchy, the users will easily notice it.

How To Do Mobile App Marketing

Although the user usually does not install apps other than the required apps, out of curiosity, he installs those apps even once. Many users will install the app if it’s a bit unique, even for testing. And if the features of your app or other things get in his mind, then you can easily reduce the cost of marketing.

The image you provide must be of good quality. Most apps add images with these screenshots. But it doesn’t get much response because it doesn’t add good quality images. Therefore, various online tools can be used to easily produce good-quality images in a very short time.

The image used as an example is from the YouTube app.

✅ Add a Good thumbnail and screenshot:-

What a user can accomplish with your app, what a user will use your app for, if you add a good video about these main things, then the matter will be acceptable to the user. Thumbnail images and screenshots should be used well before promoting. This will increase the number of downloads of your app.

Both Google Play Store and App Store allow developers to add app videos to App Store/Google Play Store. In App Store, the video starts playing automatically, whereas, in Google Play Store, the video is played when the user clicks on it (it is good to know that the video must have been published on YouTube).

How To Do Mobile App Marketing

In this, App Store has more viewers than Google Play Store.

Your video should be short but effective. Besides, if subtitles are added, it will work very well because many users will watch videos without sound on the phone. And it will be better if the subtitle is in English. App marketing will make it much easier to get foreign users.

In that video, the user will be interested if he clearly explains what benefits a user will get from using the app. Moreover, good quality, eye-catching thumbnails should be used.

This will mainly work for Google Play Store as App Store has auto video play, but Google Play Store doesn’t, so eye-catching unique thumbnails will help bring good results.

✅ App Rating:-

In-app marketing works well in off-page optimization. Users should politely ask for the app’s rating because it will facilitate the app to be accepted by other users.

When a user sees that most apps have 4-star or 5-star ratings, he can dare to install the app. And yes, if the ratings are bad, just the user will not show interest. If the rating is bad, even if you search, it becomes very difficult to reach the search ranking.

✅ App Review:-

It is very similar to app rating. Although getting a review from a user is more difficult than getting a rating, a marketer can easily get a review by using enough creativity.

How To Do Mobile App Marketing

✅ Good User Interface:-

If the app’s UI/UX is good, many people will use it even if it has fewer features because many apps cannot provide a good user interface. It complicates things a bit. Considering that, if your app can make a good user interface and simple system, the user can use your app.

✅ Select the correct category:-

Google play store has many categories. There are apps as well as games. There are various subcategories. When there are multiple categories, often the beginners select the wrong category, due to which the app marketing does not get very good results. So it is necessary to keep this in mind while publishing the app.

How To Do Mobile App Marketing

✅ Up to date:-

You should keep your app up to date with time. If you can keep that, then you can retain your app users; otherwise, your app users will slowly decrease.

While doing app marketing, special attention should be paid to ensure that the app is up-to-date so that the marketing of the wrong app is not done because if an app that is not up-to-date is tried to make popular by marketing, it may backfire.

For example, if you bring an app to watch the IPL game of 2020 but keep the data of IPL 2020 even in 2021, naturally, no one will use that app.

✅ Good headline:-

Make sure that the name of your app is in the headline. What your app can do should also be added to the headline while releasing the app.

✅ Good App Icon/App Logo:-

Whatever the icon or app logo says, if the design is designed instead of text-based, the thing will look attractive, at least in the Google Play Store or App Store. It will be useful in the first impression.

It is not correct to say that text-based icons cannot be given. But the logo of an app plays a vital role. If you compare an app with a brand, then a logo plays a very effective role for that brand.


Recheck everything again and again! Because when the user gets any problem, a negative feeling immediately works for him. So make your app so that the user never faces this problem. Because once the negative feeling comes, it is very difficult to remove it in this competitive field where thousands of competitors exist.

The demand for app marketers is increasing day by day. Because almost every company or app developer wants its app to be on the first list in the search list, applying a good ASO strategy will increase the number of app downloads very easily.

If the app’s marketing can be done before the launch of the app, then the app can be taken to a good position very easily. After launching the app, you don’t have to worry too much.

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