How To Get Visitors To Blog Site: Complete Guide 2022

Most people do not find a way to get visitors to blog sites and are even forced to give up blogging. In this article, I will discuss in detail how to get visitors to blog sites and share some tips that, if followed, you will never have to think about getting visitors again.

I haven’t missed reading such articles to find ways to get blog site visitors on Google. There are many ways mentioned in those articles, but I couldn’t find a way to get visitors. 

Everyone is sharing so many ways, but they are not getting visitors through these ways. And those who are getting lots of regular visitors never share how they are getting visitors.

A big problem with many blog sites, new and old, is the lack of visitors. I have researched and found some ways that, if you follow regularly, you can succeed in blogging. Regularly, of course. Since you are writing for visitors, visitors will come to your site.

Now let’s explain the action by step how to get traffic to the blog site

  1. Article
  2. Facebook sharing
  3. Google, Bing, Yahoo
  4. Blog commenting and guest posting
  5. Youtube
  6. branding
  7. Visitor Interest Research
  8. Mobile app
  9. Web push notification
  10. Loading speed
  11. Patience

✅ Articles: Visitors will come to your blog site only to read articles. So it would be best if you wrote high-quality articles per the visitors’ demand. Write your articles in such a way that the needs of your target visitors are met in any way.

Take, for example. I have visited many sites to find ways to get visitors to my blog site. Reading and applying some of them, I have not had any practical results. As a result of this

  • I no longer trust those sites.
  • I cursed two or four in my heart
  • I decided that I would never forget the name of that site in the future.

On the other hand, those who read my article will get all the effective ways to get visitors to blog sites.

  • You will be pleased and satisfied with 
  • Remember the name of this site, save it in the browser, and recommend it to someone. That is what we do when we are delighted.

No more to say. I hope you understand how important articles are to get visitors.

Another significant difficulty for newcomers to blogging is finding content ideas. So start blogging on a specific topic. Something that people have welfare in. 

Let me make it easy with an example because discovering how to find blog range ideas is challenging. I have again written an article on this subject. You can read it if you enjoy it.

Consider our notebook. The primary purpose of our blog site is to benefit people. We are providing straightforward answers to problems for which no practical solution can be found. 

Now, if your problem is not getting visitors, I must understand that you also have trouble coming up with blog content ideas. In this way, each situation is associated with many other problems differently. 

So I have to think about all kinds of issues you might have and come up with simple, beautiful, and functional solutions. Only then will our notebook get a place in your favorite list.

So it is clear that an article is a key to getting visitors to a blog site. Please ask in the remarks if you want to know more about the report.

✅ Facebook Sharing: 

Before writing the article:

  1. Find out where your target visitors are on Facebook.
  2. Deliver your article to them.
  3. Share links only for visitors without sharing links everywhere. If your writing can satisfy someone, he will willingly share your article. 

Whatever you do-

  • Targeted visitors join groups, pages, and places on Facebook where they are active.
  • If any post is related to the article, share the link in the comments.
  • Post to Timeline
  • Post to groups and pages and invite targeted visitors

It is completely wrong that Facebook groups do not approve of sharing links. If your writing is helpful to everyone in the group, then your post must be approved. I got many good visitors by sharing the post in several groups. Things that cannot be done-

  • Share the link by commenting there.
  • Share the link in the inbox.

Never offend anyone by doing these. Then people will have a wrong mindset towards your site. Constantly keep in mind that your writing reaches only those who need it. 

Your purpose is to benefit people, not to offend anyone. That’s why you create several Facebook IDs and share links on them regularly. And count your targeted callers to these IDs.

You will quickly get 100-500 visitors daily in brand-new condition. Your visitors will only increase when you keep updating and sharing posts consistently.

Most visitors should be taken from Facebook. It has many good aspects, and you can also earn from Facebook by using Instant Articles on Facebook. That’s why you need to get 1500+ visitors from Facebook daily.

You can enable your position on Facebook by spending a little money. You can reach 30-35 million visitors by paying only 20 dollars. And in new conditions, you have no other way to get visitors except Facebook.

✅ Google, Bing, Yahoo: Search engines (SE) are the most effective way to get visitors. If you have done the overhead two steps correctly, it will not be too difficult for you to rank in the search engines.

Visitors’ interest in posts shared on social sites gives Google a good ranking signal. You need to know how to do keyword research to rank in search engines.

I know you can’t do SEO very well at first. Keyword research is more difficult if you are blogging in English. I will share some practical tips which you can follow to choose good keywords. 

Moreover, the Notkhata website has shared how you can bring your article to the 1st position on the 1st page of Google. You will be dragged to the 1st position on Google’s search page if you read them. 


✅ Blog Commenting and Guest Posting: You can bring visitors by guest posting on big blog sites like TechTunes, and Somewhere. That is why your posts should be written so that visitors are interested in visiting your site. 

Find sites relevant to your location. Guest post on their site or comment a link to your post on any correspondence you find pertinent to your site’s position. Comments must be made in such a way that the interest of the visitor increases to visit your site.

✅ YouTube: Create videos on the type of content you post on your blog and upload them to YouTube. You can make videos with slide shows using a screen recorder most efficiently. 

You can also earn from YouTube. Give your blog site link in the video description. This way you choice get a lot of tourists.

✅ Branding: The more your website is known, the more visitors it will get. When your website becomes popular, you will no longer need to search for visitors. Visitors come to your site willingly. That’s why your site needs a good name so that visitors remember it easily.

✅ Visitor Interest Research: Now, you should monitor Google Analytics regularly. Research what types of posts your visitors read the most. Then post relevant articles on those topics. Read the post comments regularly. If your visitors want to know about something, write articles about it. Email the visitor a link to the post.

✅ Mobile App: Use the Progressive Web App plugin on your WordPress website. As a result, visitors on both Android/ios platforms will be able to use your website as an app. You can visit your site anytime, even without the internet. It is very effective to get regular visitors.

✅ Web Push Notifications: Use push notifications to retain visitors. As soon as you update a new post, the information will go to the visitors’ mobile. For this, move to your WordPress dashboard and install and configure the One signal web push plugin.

✅ Loading Speed: Your website should have a good loading speed. You can use the wp rocket plugin on your WordPress site.

✅ Patience: You have to work with patience. Don’t give up hope easily. The results will gradually improve if you continue to work regularly with patience.


You need to post regularly to increase visitors. Remember, more posts, more visitors. Suppose you got 500 visitors to one of your posts. So if the position is ten, visitors will be close to 5000. Visitors will come to your website if you regularly write good quality articles.

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