How To Write A Quality full Article: Complete Guide 2022

High-quality articles are the most important thing to earn from blogging. Without good quality articles, you can never retain visitors to your website.

To start blogging, you must know the rules of article writing. The rules of writing an excellent, high-quality article will be discussed here.

Hello, I’m Jisan Siam, a digital marketer. I will discuss “How To Write A Quality full Article” to save your valuable effort to secure your future.

Rules for Writing High-quality Articles

The first mistake we make when writing articles is to start writing before identifying what we are writing for our readers. Never assume that readers will come sooner or later. Before writing the article, determine who your readers are and understand their needs.

Source: Neil Patel 

Once the topic of your article is selected, write about the specific topic according to the reader’s needs. Research well. Read other writings on your topic and find out the gaps in their writings.

Don’t write what someone else has written. Express your creativity in articles. Explain everything steps by step. Please write your text in such a way that the visitor can decide by reading it.

Articles are what is called the King of websites. That means if the King is not correct, then something on your website is not correct.

Since the primary purpose of writing your article is to have your article read and shared by many people, there are specific rules to follow when writing articles.

The rules for writing high-quality articles are divided into two parts, which you must accept.

Before Writing the Article:

How To Write A Quality full Article

✅ Informative and catchy titles

Because if the title is not good, the click will wear less. Lose ranking in Google. So first, select a good title. The first item that hits a visitor’s eye is the title. By looking at the title, the visitor decides whether to read your article or not.

✅ Feature image

Your article must have a good feature image. Feature images will draw the reader’s attention to your article. If the feature image is good, your article will get more clicks.

✅ Category

One of the hallmarks of a good quality article is mentioning categories. A category must be mentioned in the article. So select your article category.

Time to Write the Article:

How To Write A Quality full Article


At the beginning of the article, you should briefly write what you will write. You must write some information about your article in a maximum of 100 words.

Write the intro in a way that makes the reader interested in reading the entire article. Simply think, if you don’t like the trailer of a movie, then no one will want to watch that movie.

✅ Description

Articles should always be written in simple language and using short sentences. When you start writing, always try to break it down into small paragraphs. It should be noted that no paragraph should be more than 100 words.

✅ Subheading tag

You must bring h2 or h3 tags in the middle of the article. Be sure to use a subheading that contains your primary keyword. Use bullet points or numbering whenever necessary in the middle of writing. This will enhance the beauty of your article.

✅ Original article

Always write original and unique articles. If there is nothing useful to write, don’t write at all. Never read other people’s articles to get ideas for writing articles.

Then you will never be able to write unique and original articles. Never copy and write anything. If you need any information while writing the article, you can check it from Google. Must give correct information. Use links to relevant research.

✅ Article length

The more details you can write in the article, the better. Do not write less than 1000 words. Always try to write more. Never publish full articles under 1000 words. While writing the article in large size, something inconsistent cannot be written.

Write articles in simple language using simple sentences so that everyone can understand. Always try to make your article informative because this is one of the characteristics of high-quality articles.

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Write the article on a specific topic. Never try to divert the reader’s attention by writing something outside the topic you are writing about. Earn trust with your readers by writing high-quality articles.

If a reader is happy with you after reading your article, they will want to read more of your writing in the future, which will help to develop your blogging career.

There are specific guidelines for Google Search Engine Friendly Articles, which Google Webmaster states. 

Basic Principal

  • Create your articles for readers, not search engines.
  • Never deceive the readers.
  • Avoid search engine ranking tricks. A good direction of thumb is whether you handle relaxed explaining what you did to a website that contends with you or a Google worker. Another good test is to ask, “Does this help my readers? Would I have done it without search engines?”
  • Think about how to make your website unique, helpful, or engaging. Make your website stand and get away from others in your field.

Specific Guidelines

Avoid these techniques

  • Automatically developed content
  • Participating in link schemes (using links for page ranking)
  • Making pages without original content and with titles
  • Cloaking (presenting different content or URLs to human users and search engines)
  • Sneaky redirects (sending visitors to links other than the expected link)
  • Hidden text or links
  • Doorway Page (build page for ranking)
  • Scraped content
  • Joining affiliate programs without counting value
  • Crowding pages with inconsistent keywords
  • Creating pages with harmful conduct, such as phishing or seating viruses, trojans, or other badware
  • Using structured data markup
  • Send automatic search to Google

Follow good practices

  1. Monitor your site for hacking and dismiss hacked content immediately
  2. Prevent spammers and remove spammers on your site


Finally, don’t despair if you can’t write articles at all. Hire an article writer who will help your site grow. If you want to blog, you can never earn a good income by running a site with full content. Please don’t waste time on it. Instead, you use the time in other ways.

Then know the details about the article writing rules. Please comment if I have forgotten anything or if you want to know more.

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