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If you’re not using a chat tool to connect with prospects on your website, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to turn them into paying customers. 

With chat buttons, you can engage prospects in real-time on the apps they already use, making it easy to connect with them and capture their info before they leave your site.

Meet: Joinchat Lifetime deal

Joinchat is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add contact buttons that connect with WhatsApp and other messaging tools.

Hello, I’m Jisan Siam, a digital marketer. I will discuss Joinchat to save your valuable effort to secure your future.

Joinchat Overview

Joinchat is a no-code WordPress plugin that allows you to create contact buttons that connect with WhatsApp and other messaging tools.

This plugin is developed to help you capture more leads by providing a quick and easy way for possible customers to get in touch with you. 


With Joinchat, you can create custom contact buttons for your website or blog and add them to any app or post with a few clicks. 

Once a visitor clicks on your Joinchat button, they will be able to send you a message via WhatsApp or any other messaging tool that you have connected with the plugin. This plugin is a great way to increase leads and sales and is easy to use and set up.

Joinchat Features

With Joinchat Premium, you get the tools you need to manage your support team and improve your online business conversion rate.

  • Create Support Agents
  • Avoid overloads
  • Keep all chat records.
  • Calls to action are irresistible

✅Create Support Agents

The Support Agent Add-On is the perfect way to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts for customer service.

With this add-on, you can easily add and configure various WhatsApp accounts for different agents. You can also control the availability of each agent by day and in multiple time slots.

This way, customers can always choose who they want to talk. In addition, the Support Agent Add-On allows you to control time usage to show actual agent status even if your clients are in different parts of the world.

✅Avoid overloads

The Random Phone app makes it easy to distribute WhatsApp messages to an unlimited number of phones. You can add as multiple phone numbers as you want, and the app evenly distributes messages to each number.

This is a great way to avoid support and sales bottlenecks and to ensure that all your support agents have a distributed workload.

Joinchat Lifetime Deal

✅Keep all chat records.

You can now add Telegram, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Phone Call, Skype, and FaceTime to the essential chat plug-in and WhatsApp.

This add-on will permit you to add more chat applications to your static pages, turning them into dynamic conversations.

Joinchat Lifetime deal

They have also added new icons for the floating button. Choose the perfect combination and don’t lose any customers.

✅Calls to action irresistible

Never fear if you’re not a fan of the design tools that our chat window offers! You can also embed your chat window from another platform into our chat window. This way, you can keep all your leads in one place while driving them towards sales and conversion pages.

Joinchat Lifetime deal

Joinchat Pricing Plans

Are you looking for ways to attract more customers and boost your sales? If so, consider using non-intrusive methods. Using these methods, you can draw your users without being too pushy or sales-y. This can help you get more customers and boost your sales.

Joinchat Lifetime deal

Joinchat has three pricing plans.

  1. Agency
  2. Freelancer
  3. Personal

Agency plan 299 €/ Month

  • 1000 websites
  • Includes all features + 
  • unlimited updates + 
  • premium support per year for all websites.

Freelancer plan 99 €/ Month

  • 5 websites
  • Includes all features + 
  • unlimited updates + 
  • premium support per year for 5 websites.

Personal plan 49 €/ Month

  • 1 website
  • Includes all features + 
  • unlimited updates + 
  • premium support per year for 1 website.

Joinchat AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Joinchat offers a simple yet powerful solution for website owners looking to connect with their visitors in real-time. By integrating with popular messaging apps, Joinchat makes it easy to keep in touch with leads and convert them to buyers.

Joinchat Lifetime deal

  • Sign up for Joinchat AppSumo Lifetime Deal.
  • Get lifetime access for only $39.
  • Lifetime access to Joinchat
  • All future Freelance (Tier 1) or Agency (Tier 2) Plan updates
  • Floating button
  • WhatsApp channel
  • Customization at publication level
  • Call-to-action messages
  • Custom conversation start messages
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Multi-language and right-to-left language support
  • Custom theme colors and dark mode
  • Opt-in text for user consent
  • Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager integrations

60-day money-back guarantee.


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Joinchat Lifetime deal


Joinchat is an excellent tool for capturing more leads with its contact buttons connected via WhatsApp and other messaging tools. Using Joinchat, businesses can increase their customer base and better connect with their target audience.

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