Prelo Lifetime Deal {$87} – Best Key Decision Makers For Growing Tech Companies

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Meet: Prelo Lifetime Deal

Prelo is a business networking and contact management website that helps users find and connect with key decision makers in fast-growing tech companies.

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Prelo Overview

Prelo is a business networking and contact management website designed to help users connect with key decision makers in fast-growing tech companies. This revenue growth tracking platform helps early-stage B2B companies and startup enterprises expand by providing tailored marketing and sales analytics.

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By providing users with access to a database of over 15 million professionals, Prelo makes it easy to find and connect with potential business contacts.

The platform uses data from a company’s marketing and sales activities to provide insights that can help the company grow its revenue. 

Prelo is a software company that provides tools to help businesses manage their marketing and sales activities. Its products include a CRM, an email marketing platform, and a social media management tool.

How does it work?

The App must allow users to input the type of startups they are looking to work with and receive a list of key decision-makers in that field. The App would also enable users to find email addresses for those decision-makers to start a targeted outreach campaign.

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Prelo Features

Prelo’s activity feed is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest startup news. You can customize the feed to show only the topics you’re interested in, and it’s updated hourly, so you never miss a beat.

✅ Growth Startups

Pirlo’s email list feature helps our customers connect with key decision makers in well-funded startups every week. Prelo collects data from multiple channels and then builds lists of c-suite contacts that are highly curated.

This permits our customers to aim their outreach and associate with the precise people to obtain desired outcomes.

✅ Email Finder

The App’s Email Finder and Data Insights feature allow users to find and connect with key tech companies’ decision-makers. The granular data we provide helps users to make introductory calls and fast-track their engagement with potential customers.

✅ Premium Points

Make money and make friends with Prelo! This App gives you premium points every time you refer a friend, which you can use to get exclusive access to startups raising investment or looking for partnerships.

So not only will you be helping your friends out, but you’ll also be making some extra cash on the side. Win-win!

Prelo Lifetime Deal

✅ Easiest Way

This app feature allows users to receive hourly startup recommendations via the activities feed. The more users interact with the suggestions, the more personalized the activities feed. This is a perfect way for users to stay up-to-date with the latest startup news and trends.

Prelo Pricing Plans

Find your perfect match with Prelo.

Prelo Lifetime Deal

Prelo has Two Pricing Plans.

  1. Basic
  2. Standard

Basic Plan $0/ Month

  • 8 Email Contacts/month
  • 2 Companies/week 
  • Regular Hiring Updates
  • Latest Fundraises
  • No Template Access

Standard Plan $23/ Month

  • 40 Email Contacts/week
  • 40+ Companies/week 
  • Join our Slack Channel
  • Latest Fundraises
  • 100+ Email Templates

Prelo AppSumo Lifetime Deal.

Prelo’s Startup Engagement Plan is designed to help you connect with and engage key decision makers in fast-growing startups. Their customers see up to 400% growth weekly, and you can too!

Prelo Lifetime Deal

Sign up for Prelo AppSumo Lifetime Deal.

Get lifetime access for only $87.

  • Lifetime access to Prelo Plan
  • All future Prelo Plan updates
  • 40 Business contacts per week
  • 40 Companies downloads per week
  • Slack channel access
  • Fundraising status updates
  • 100+ Marketing email templates

60-day money-back guarantee.


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Prelo Lifetime Deal


Prelo can help small businesses and startup founders in many different ways. They can provide advice and support on incubating and accelerating their businesses. They can also help with software development, making it easier for startups to get off the ground.

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