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Always struggling to hold your audience engaged? You’re not alone. With so much shared content, it’s easy to lose prospects to the never-ending scroll. But there is a way to keep them coming back for more. 

Using owned or external content and retargeting pixels, you can redirect visitors to your business and keep them engaged in your sales funnel. So don’t give up just yet. With a bit of action, you can keep your audience coming back for more.

Meet: Sniply Lifetime Deal

Sniply is a mighty link shortener that allows you to add call-to-actions to web pages, including content from other websites. You can use this to promote your products or services on someone else’s website or drive traffic to a specific landing page.

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Sniply Overview

Sniply is a mighty link shortener that allows you to add call-to-actions to web pages, including content from other websites. You can use this to promote your products or services on someone else’s website or drive traffic to a specific landing page.

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Sniply allows users to add custom calls to action to any web page to engage followers. The button snip allows users to hook an engaging button, while the form snip enables users to connect an email capture form. Text snip helps hyperlinked text, while shot snip allows users to attach a custom banner image.

Sniply’s customization tools give users a lot of control over how their links look. They can choose from various snip themes, colors, and positions. They can also customize shortlinks and domains. In addition, Sniply supports data gathering technology, such as analytics, A/B testing, and conversion pixels. This allows users to track their clicks and conversions and track specific website actions.

Sniply is a workflow tool that integrates with Hootsuite, Zapier, Mailchimp, and more. It also has a comprehensive API. Sniply also has custom code tools with retargeting pixels and custom tracking, CSS, and scripts.

Best for :

Marketing agencies
Social media managers

Sniply Features

Sniply is a mighty link shortener that allows you to customize and optimize every link you share, turning outbound traffic into conversions.

The Sniply extension enables you to add a call-to-action to any web page you’re viewing, so you can transfer it with your followers and drive traffic back to your site. To get started, install the extension in your Chrome or Firefox browser. In blow you will find the discussion about Sniply features.

  1. A/B Testing
  2. Conversion Rate Optimizer
  3. Link Management Tool
  4. Behavior Analytics
  5. Publisher Tool
  6. URL Shortener

✅ A/B Testing

A/B testing your links is a great way to increase conversions and get more out of your content marketing efforts. By testing different versions of your links, you can see which ones are more effective at driving conversions.

Sniply Lifetime deal

Adding remarketing buttons to your links can increase conversions by testing which calls to action and customizations are most effective. Accurate A/B testing can supercharge your links, leading to more conversions and better results from your content marketing.

✅ Conversion Rate Optimizer

When you share a link to your website, you’re not just bringing new visitors to your site. You’re also bringing back visitors who have been to your site before. These returning explorers are much more likely to convert into customers or leads than new visitors.

Advanced conversion tracking lets you see which links bring back the most visitors so that you can focus your sharing on the most valuable links. In This manner, every link you share will get the max customers and leads to your website.

✅ Link Management Tool

Sniply’s URL management software is the perfect tool for busy online professionals who need to track their links and engagement across multiple platforms. With its easy-to-use dashboard, Sniply provides users with valuable insights into how their readers are interacting with the content they share.

Sniply Lifetime deal

In addition to offering link shortening and tracking capabilities, Sniply’s URL management software also allows users to customize their links and test different engagement strategies with their followers. With Sniply, online professionals can take control of their linked content and ensure that it performs optimally across all platforms.

✅ Behavior Analytics

Behavior Analytics allows you to create more targeted and effective campaigns, as you know what interests your audience. With Sniply, you can see how many people are clicking on your links and what they’re doing on the page you’re sharing. Plus, with the Sniply CTA, you can turn every link you share into a powerful lead magnet, making tracking and measuring your results easy.

✅ Publisher Tool

The great thing about Sniply is that it allows you to track your shortened links and see how effectively they engage your followers. With advanced analytics, you can track each custom URL and see how it performs in real-time.

This data is invaluable for publishers who want to ensure that their content is being seen and interacted with by their audience.

Sniply Lifetime deal

✅ URL Shortener

URL shortener is a valuable tool for understanding how your readers engage with your content. There are several reasons why Sniply is the best link shortener for serious sharers:

  1. It permits you to track, test, and re-capture your followers any time you shorten links and share content.
  2. Sniply’s link shortening and tracking features allow you to observe how your readers engage with any short URL link you share. This is valuable information that can help you improve your content and strategies.
  3. Sniply encourages readers back to your site, which is essential for building a loyal following.

Sniply Pricing Plans

You can start with the FREE plan or try another one for two weeks free!

Sniply Lifetime deal

Sniply has five Pricing Plans. Those are;

  1. FREE
  2. BASIC
  3. PRO

FREE Plan $0/ Month

  • 500 clicks/mo
  • 20 links/mo
  • 1 brand profiles
  • 1 team members

BASIC Plan $29/ Month

  • 5000 clicks/mo
  • 1,000 links/mo
  • 2 brand profiles
  • 1 team members

PRO Plan $79/ Month

  • 20,000 clicks/mo
  • 5,000 links/mo
  • 6 brand profiles
  • 3 team members

BUSINESS Plan $149/ Month

  • 50,000 clicks/mo
  • 10,000 links/mo
  • 10 brand profiles
  • 5 team members

AGENCY Plan $299/ Month

  • 250,000 clicks/mo
  • 50,000 links/mo
  • 15 brand profiles
  • 10 team members

Sniply Lifetime Deal

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Sniply Lifetime deal

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Sniply Lifetime deal


More than 100,000 marketers are using Sniply’s link shortener, demonstrating that it is a valuable tool for driving conversions through content curation. Sniply allows you to include a call-to-action with every link you share by overlaying a custom message onto any piece of content. The features of this app make it an essential tool for any virtual marketer looking to maximize the impact of their content.

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