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Instagram and Facebook most popular social networking platforms. They both have a large user base and are constantly growing. To maintain up with the competition, they must offer users something new and exciting.

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your social media posting and engagement, you may consider using chatbots.

As a digital marketer or business owner, you know that having a strong social media presence is essential to success. But what if you don’t have the time or resources to be active on social media constantly? 

Meet: SocialNowa Chatbot Lifetime Deal

SocialNowa is a powerful chatbot that helps businesses boost their lead generation, sales, and customer support. SocialNowa is fully automated and easy to use, making it an excellent tool for any business.

Hello, I’m Jisan Siam, a digital marketer. I will discuss SocialNowa Chatbot to save your valuable effort to secure your future.

SocialNowa Chatbot Is Best For

  • Marketing agencies
  • Online coaches
  • Social media managers

What is SocialNowa Chatbot?

The SocialNowa Chatbot is a great way to automate your chat flows on social media and to schedule social media posts in advance. This chatbot can help you engage more leads on social media and save you time.

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With the help of this chatbot, you can easily connect with leads and customers on social media and schedule posts in advance so that you can focus on other tasks.

That’s where SocialNowa comes in! SocialNowa chatbot can help you with your social media needs, whether it’s posting updates, monitoring your accounts, or providing customer support.

With SocialNowa, you can focus on running your business while we take care of your social media presence.

SocialNowa is a tool that allows you to create automated messages for your Facebook and Instagram direct messages. You can use the drag-and-drop builder to make your message flow in minutes. 

Simply add your content, select your recipients, and choose when you want your messages to go out. You can add images, videos, and links to your messages to make them more engaging.

SocialNowa Features

SocialNowa is the perfect tool for businesses who want to connect with their customers at every touchpoint. With SocialNowa, businesses can create custom-tailored social media posts, campaigns, and landing pages that will engage customers and help promote their brand.

  • Generate Quality Leads
  • Automatically Qualify Leads
  • Send Coupons & Promotions
  • Engage & Nurture Leads
  • Collect Feedback and Reviews
  • Share News and Updates
  • Sell inside the Messenger
  • Answer Support Questions
  • Confirm Orders & Grow Business

✅Generate Quality Leads

Socialnowa is a powerful lead generation tool that helps you quickly and easily find high-quality leads for your business.

With Socialnowa, you can target your ideal customer base with laser-focused accuracy and generate leads that are more possible to convert into paying customers.

Our advanced filtering options will allow you to target your leads by location, interests, and more.

✅Automatically Qualify Leads

Socialnowa is the perfect solution for you! It’s a simple, effective tool that can help you to save time and increase your sales rate.

With our powerful lead qualification system, you can quickly identify your best leads and get them into your sales pipeline faster.

✅Send Coupons & Promotions

SocialNowa is a great way to save money on your favorite products and services. Just sign up for a free account and start browsing through all of the coupons and promotions available. You can even add your own coupons and promotions to share with others.

✅Engage & Nurture Leads

SocialNowa helps you engage and nurture your leads, so you can turn them into customers. Our platform makes connecting with your leads and customers easy, so you can build relationships and grow your business.

✅Collect Feedback and Reviews

SocialNowa is a powerful feedback and review tool that makes it easy to collect customer feedback and reviews.

It’s easy to use and provides businesses with valuable insights into customer satisfaction. With SocialNowa, you can quickly and easily gather customer feedback and reviews and use that data to improve your business.

✅Share News and Updates

SocialNowa is the perfect place to share news and updates with friends and followers. With a simple, clean interface, it’s easy to post updates and keep everyone in the loop.

With SocialNowa, users can easily stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments while also sharing their own thoughts and opinions on the latest topics.

✅Sell inside the Messenger

With SocialNowa, you can sell your products directly through Messenger. This way, you can reach a whole new audience of potential customers.

Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of Messenger’s features to make your sales process more efficient.

✅Answer Support Questions

At SocialNowa, we provide expert answers to all of your support questions. SocialNowa team of specialists is here to help you with whatever you need, whether it’s technical advice, product information, or a friendly chat.

We are here to assist you to get the most out of your SocialNowa experience. So go ahead and ask away. We are happy to help!

✅Confirm Orders & Grow Business

SocialNowa is the perfect platform for businesses to confirm orders and grow their business. With our easy-to-use interface, businesses can quickly and easily confirm orders from customers, track their progress, and receive payments.

SocialNowa also provides businesses with insightful data and analytics to help them make better decisions and grow their business.

SocialNowa Pricing Plans

We offer affordable pricing plans to help business grow on SocialNowa. Our goals are customized to fit your business needs, so you can get the most out of our platform.

Whether you’re examining to increase brand awareness, drive sales, or grow your customer base, we have a plan that will fit your needs.

SocialNowa Chatbot Lifetime Deal

SocialNowa has 4 Plans:

  1. Nowa Gold
  2. Nowa Platinum
  3. Nowa Diamond
  4. Agency Plan

Nowa Gold Plan $29.00 / month

  • 3 Facebook Accounts
  • 10 Facebook Pages
  • 10 Instagram DMs and Automation (Business Accounts)
  • 1 Messenger E-commerce
  • Unlimited Social Media Posting

Nowa Platinum Plan $69.00 / month

  • 10 Facebook Accounts
  • 50 Facebook Pages
  • 50 Instagram DMs and Automation (Business Accounts)
  • 5 Messenger E-commerce
  • Unlimited Social Media Posting

Nowa Diamond Plan $109.00 / month

  • Unlimited Facebook Accounts
  • Unlimited Facebook Pages
  • Unlimited Instagram DMs and Automation (Business Accounts)
  • Unlimited Messenger E-commerce
  • Unlimited Social Media Posting 

Nowa Agency Plan $354.00 / month

  • Everything In Nowa Diamond, and:
  • 3 Sub Accounts
  • White Label

If you want Nowa 30 Days Free Trial, contact SocialNowa.

Or, you can get the SocialNowa Lifetime Deal on AppSumo.

SocialNowa AppSumo Lifetime Deal

If you’re looking to connect with customers and leads in real-time, SocialNowa Chatbot is the perfect tool for you. With live chat capabilities, you can jump into conversations and get the information you need quickly and easily.

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  • Lifetime access to SocialNowa Chatbot
  • All features above included
  • 3 Facebook accounts
  • 10 Facebook pages
  • 10 Instagram DMs
  • 1 Facebook Messenger ecommerce
  • 2 team members
  • Social media post scheduler
  • Create Facebook Messenger bot
  • Bulk posting to your social media accounts
  • Facebook hidden interest explorer
  • Unlimited social posting

60-day money-back guarantee.


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Overall, SocialNowa Chatbot is an excellent tool for businesses of all sizes. It is comfortable and scalable, making it perfect for businesses that want to connect with their customers and leads in real-time.

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