TIQ Software LifeTime Deal ($69) – Best Benefits Of Interactive Sales Training

You’re not alone if you’re stumbling in developing content for your sales training. The good news is that there are tools that allow you to create interactive sales training without coding. These tools can help you engage your staff and track overall performance.

Meet: TIQ Software LifeTime Deal

We dedicate this sales training tool to all the hard-working salespeople out there.This tool will help you level your skills and create engaging, interactive sales training to track your overall performance. With TIQ Software, you can easily create sales training content without worrying about the tech setup.

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TIQ Software Overview

TIQ Software provides a platform for creating interactive training experiences. This allows businesses to educate employees on the products and services they need to sell more engagingly and effectively.


The software includes various features and tools to create custom training programs. It also provides tracking and reporting capabilities to measure the impact of the training.

TIQ Software Best for :

  • Improve brand recognition
  • Boosting confidence levels
  • Create a connection.
  • Get an instant analytics tool.

TIQ Software Features

TIQ Software helps you make your product training fun and enjoyable.

TIQ Software makes it easy to get the most out of your product training by increasing retention and driving more sales.

  • Enjoyable training
  • Complete tasks
  • Easy Access Dashboard
  • Estimates
  • Easy to get started
  • Course templates

✅ Enjoyable training

Interactive training experiences engage learners in active learning rather than simply listening to a lecture or reading a textbook. By providing tasks, puzzles, and scoring,

Interactive training can help learners to understand better and retain information. Additionally, in-depth analytics can help trainers to assess learner progress and identify areas where more support may be needed.

✅ Complete tasks

TIQ Software is a course management tool that allows users to track statistics and analytics from a central dashboard. This data can improve the course content and delivery for future users.

TIQ Software LifeTime Deal

✅ Easy Admin

The Project Dashboard is a central location where you can access and edit every aspect of your project.

TIQ Software LifeTime Deal

You can view your analytics, upgrade your account, get help, and more from the Project Dashboard.

✅ Estimates

This definition is for a software program allowing users to see their courses’ data, including average session length, course completions, and incorrect answers.

This data is displayed in users’ email inboxes to track their progress easily.

✅ Easy to get started

This is a process in which our team will help you get started with using our product by assessing your needs, gathering relevant materials, and then providing you with a demonstration.

TIQ Software LifeTime Deal

✅ Course templates

This software allows you to create customized tasks for specific lesson content, making your courses more engaging for users. With over 20 task types available,

You can upload videos, create missing word exercises, and create multiple choice image exercises, among other things. Your team can earn badges for completing tasks, which helps them stay on track in a not-boring way.

TIQ Software Pricing Plans

We offer three different pricing plans to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your business needs.

TIQ Software LifeTime Deal

Whether you need a basic plan, a more advanced project, or a custom plan, we have you covered.

Standard plan $79/per month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Personalized demo
  • Home page
  • Landing page for your resources
  • One interactive training module
  • Secure access (login/ account creation)
  • Full access to resources and support
Premium plan $279/ month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Everything in Standard
  • 1 more landing page
  • 4 more training modules
  • Priority admin support
  • Priority end-user support
  • 1 admin training session
Business $279/ month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Everything in Premium
  • 4 more landing pages
  • 5 more training modules
  • Custom account creation fields
  • SAML single sign on (SSO)
  • 2 admin training sessions

TIQ Software AppSumo Lifetime Deal.

TIQ Software LifeTime Deal

TIQ Software is a great way to help your team get more business. You can try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you. 

Get lifetime access for only $69 today!

  • Lifetime access to TIQ Software
  • All future Standard Plan updates
  • Documents – link Word, Excel, and PDF materials
  • Audio – link audiobooks, podcasts, etc.
  • Video – link YouTube, Vimeo, or AWS secure video clips
  • Social Media – include links to your 

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TIQ Software LifeTime Deal


If you’re looking for a track to take your training to the next level, TIQ Software is the perfect solution. With over ten years of experience in game theory and design,

They know how to deliver interactive training that boosts performance and business intelligence.

Customers see an immediate impact and are blown away by the design and functionality of the software. Recommend it!

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