Vidpowr Lifetime Deal ($69)- Best Video Content Marketing Platform

As a marketer, you are consistently looking for ways to improve your conversion rates. One of the most effective ways to do this is through video marketing.

However, simply creating static videos is not enough. You need to create interactive videos that engage your audience and convert them.

This kind of work can be challenging if you don’t have much experience with video production. However, some things that you can accomplish to create more engaging and interactive videos.

Meet: VidPowr Lifetime Deal

VidPowr is a platform that allows users to create interactive video content for their marketing purposes. The content is designed to engage viewers, collect leads and close sales.

Hello, I’m Jisan Siam, a digital marketer. I will discuss VidPowr to save your valuable effort to secure your future.

VidPowr Overview

VidPowr is a platform that allows you to customize, personalize, and automate your video content. With VidPowr, you can easily create engaging and interactive video experiences for your audience.

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VidPowr Best for :

  • Marketers
  • Course creators and
  • Content creators

VidPowr Features

VidPowr provides powerful features that give your videos a boost.

  1. Interactive Videos
  2. Video Streaming
  3. Collect Leads
  4. Conditional Video
  5. Shoppable Video
  6. Collect Feedback
  7. Video Protection
  8. Multilanguage Video
  9. Educational Video & Courses

✅ Interactive Videos

Adding movement and interaction to your videos can help increase engagement, click rates, and the number of leads or sales from the video.

VidPowr Lifetime Deal

VidPowr can help you add interactivities to your videos that lead viewers to the point of action fun!

✅ Video Streaming

VidPowr is a powerful video hosting platform that provides instant video delivery, live video streaming, and analytics for YouTube & Vimeo live videos.


✅ Collect Leads

Suppose you want to use videos to build your list but don’t know how VidPowr can help.


With VidPowr, you can collect leads directly inside your video. Just connect your autoresponder to VidPowr, and your information will be automatically synced from VidPowr to your autoresponder.

VidPowr support Aweber, Getresponse, Keap, Mailchimp, Sendiio, Sendlane, Constant Contact, Klaviyo, Drip, MailVio, Inbox, Sendinblue, Pabbly, Zapier, and more.

✅ Shoppable Video

VidPowr shoppable videos are a great way to promote your products or brand. With product placement inside videos, you can embed and affiliate your products on VidPowr for a higher conversion rate.

✅ Collect Feedback

If you’re peeking for a painless way to collect feedback from your clients or viewers, VidPowr is the perfect solution.

VidPowr Lifetime Deal

With our feedback collection tool, you can record video feedback from your clients or viewers and then quickly upload it to your website.

✅ Video Protection

If you have information that you want to keep confidential, you can protect it by password-protecting your video. This way, only people who have the password will be able to access and stream the video. 

You can also geo-restrict your video so that only people from certain countries can access it. Additionally, you can create a dynamic password for each viewer and restrict the websites on which your video can be embedded.

✅ Multilanguage Video

You can use video quizzes and polls to collect feedback from your viewers in real-time. This technique allows you to learn more about your users and their perception of your product. It also provides valuable feedback that can help you improve your marketing strategy.

✅ Educational Video & Courses

If you require to add some interactivity to your video content, VidPowr is the perfect solution.

VidPowr Lifetime Deal

You can use their tools to create engaging training videos, video courses, sales and marketing videos, webinar videos, product demonstration videos, live classes, and onboarding videos.

VidPowr can help you make it more interactive and engaging no matter what kind of video you create.

✅ Conditional Video

By using Conditional Storytelling, you can engage your clients through personalized experiences. This way, they don’t just view passively; they create their narrative rather than watch passively.

Your customers will love being able to control the story, and you’ll love the engagement and conversions that come with it!

VidPowr Pricing Plans

VidPowr hosting plans give you everything you need to import, interact with, and personalize your videos, as well as stream and embed them on your site.

VidPowr Lifetime Deal

You can create an unlimited number of projects and use as much bandwidth as you need.

VidPowr has four pricing plans.

  1. FREE
  2. PRO
  3. Platinum
  4. Agency

FREE Plan $0/ Month

  • 100 Videos
  • 2500 Visitors/mth
  • Video interactions
  • Unlimited websites embed
  • 100 – Collect leads

PRO Plan $7/ Month

  • 1000 Videos
  • 10,000 Visitors/mth
  • Video interactions
  • Unlimited websites embed
  • 5000 – Collect leads
  • Password secure videos
  • Remove branding

Platinum Plan $12/ Month

  • 5000 videos
  • Unlimited visitors
  • Video interactions
  • Unlimited websites embed
  • 10,000 – Collect leads
  • Password secure videos
  • Remove branding
  • 3 Custom domains

Agency Plan $35/ Month

  • Unlimited videos
  • Unlimited visitors
  • Video interactions
  • Unlimited websites embed
  • 50,000 – Collect leads
  • Password secure videos
  • Remove branding
  • 5 Custom domains
  • 10 Reseller client’s account

Right now, you can choose these plans.

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VidPowr AppSumo Lifetime Deal.

Interactive video content can help boost engagement and conversions.

VidPowr Lifetime Deal

Get lifetime access for only $69.

  • Lifetime access to VidPowr
  • All future Platinum (1 code) and Agency (2+ codes) Plan updates
  • You must save your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Stack up to 5 codes
  • GDPR compliant

60-day money-back guarantee.


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VidPowr Lifetime Deal


Adding VidPowr to your marketing strategy is a surefire way to increase engagement with your audience, collect leads, and close sales.

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